SMART EQ 453 BMS N82/2 A7899014200 P0DE71C P1D2771

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SMART EQ 453 A7899014200 

Smart ED EQ 453 BMS N82/2 


Frequency counter “switching cycles of contactors” of the high-voltage battery will soon reach its final value “the actuator is blocked”


The cell voltaes of the hybrid/high-voltage battery module are too high. The voltage value is outside the permissible range.


P0DE71C , P0DE763, P0DE697, P0DE663, P0DE61C, P0B3B62, P0DE616, P1D2771, P1D2777, P1D2785, P1D2877, P1D2885, P056216, P0B4487, P0A9513, P0A9504, P0DE717

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